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Linoleum floor: How to care and clean?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Linoleum is one of the most popular floor finishing materials. He is chosen for strength, functionality, simple care. At home, follow this flooring is easy if you remember a few important maid services rules:

  • Refuse to use hot water when washing linoleum, otherwise, the upper layer is erased and unesthetic bald spots are formed.

  • Direct exposure to sunlight causes fading.

  • Frost also adversely affects the coating, it begins to crack and deform. For this reason, linoleum is not recommended to lay in the loggia and on the balcony.

  • To prevent small scratches and ugly marks on the surface of the material, do not use harsh metal sponges and abrasives when washing.

  • Forget about using bleach, as this tool will only lead to loss of color.

  • Sharp kitchen and household appliances, as well as heels, can tear linoleum or leave holes. To he served you as long as possible, try to treat him carefully.

Cleaning services tips for care of linoleum

As soon as you have laid a new linoleum, treat it with polish or polymer mastic. It will form a thin film that will increase the operational life and the presentable look of the finishing floor. Such a film also protects the linoleum from contact with moisture, mechanical effects, ultraviolet rays.

During a commercial cleaning operation, a couple of times a month, lubricate the linoleum oil with linseed oil or flax. This procedure will help prevent cracking.

If you have artificial materials at home, do not use kerosene, mineral spirits and acetone when removing stains. Soft cleansers will help to get rid of fatty spots. Rust and mold effectively remove water solution and hydrogen peroxide. If you accidentally dropped greens on the floor, wipe this place with camphor alcohol.

If you do not have enough time or energy to clean the linoleum yourself, you can order the apartment cleaning in Destin with the Easy Cleaning.

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