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  • How soon must I cancel my appoinment?
    You must cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time.
  • Do I need to provide any of the cleaning products/materials or equipement?
    No. Not unless you have some specific products or equipment you want us to use.
  • How can i get a free estimate?
    Simply fill out the form on our website or send an email to
  • If I do not cancel my appointment within 24 hours will there be a charge?
    Yes there will be a fee of 1/2 of the total cost for the service(s) scheduled.
  • Does someone have to visit my house before cleaning service?
    Absolutely YES! We need to check your expectations, house conditions and get a fair price for both parties. It takes about five minutes.
  • Do I have to be home to my cleaning?
    It’s completely up to you. If you’re not going to be home, make sure you let us know how to access your house by putting the information in your customer dashboard.
  • Does my cleaner arrive at the exact time I book?
    Yes, most of the time. However, we allow a one-hour window due to traffic and weather circumstances. In scenarios where your cleaner will be late, you will be contacted to let you know.
  • How many employers do you send?
    At least two cleaners is sent to your home. If you’re on a recurring schedule, we’ll do our best to match you with the same person going forward.
  • Are you cleaning company cleaners screened
    Absolutely. The cleaners go through a screening process that includes a police background check, reference checks and in-person interviews. We also require significant experience in residential house cleaning to work with us.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for a move out clean?
    We do need electricity and water to clean so please make sure your utilities are still functioning. Make sure all large trash is removed
  • How do I pay for my service?
    Payments for home cleaning and apartment/vacation rental cleaning is due at time of service. For special kinds of payments talk with us we are open to do a best deal!
  • Can I have the teams clean with my own supplies? I have allergies and my floors need special cleaners!
    Yes, we will be happy to clean with any special cleaner or solution you might need. Our company can not be responsible for any damage your own equipment causes. We can only assume responsibility our own product and equipment causes.
  • How do I leave special instructions for the cleaning teams?
    It is best to call or email your respective office and give them the special instruction.
  • How I do stop my service?
    Email or call us. You can stop whenever you like.
  • What areas do you service with Easy Cleaning Destin?
    We are abble to work: Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island, Niceville, Miramar beach, Santa Rosa beach, Seaside, Rosemary beach. If you are em doubt about your region service please talk with us!
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